Suitkees Keeshonden


 IImportant messages and happenings from our  Suitkees-Kezen  and offspring in Australia

 and around the world will be reported on this page.



3/8/05. At the Union Cynologique St-Hubert de Luxembourg show, Bobby got CAC-CACIB BOB, wich made him Lux CH. 
Androsh von Haus Rubens and Amina von Haus Rubens both sired by Nld CH.Suitkees Bijzonder both got Lux.CH. Youth-Class.

 29/5/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud   Harley Jr - Sweden. Junior Class.  at Stenungsund SKK INT.  Judge: Harry Tast.  BEST JUNIOR MALE. CC - BEST  MALE - CAC - BOB - 5 BIG.

21/5/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud  Harley Jr. - Sweden.  Junior Class.  at  Hässleholm SKK.  Judge: Ulla Eriksson.  BEST JUNIOR MALE. CC - BEST MALE - CAC - BOB.

7/5/05.  Suitkees Parel in Goud  Harley Jr. - Sweden.  Puppy Class.   at Skara SKK National Show  Keeshond.   Judge: Denis Kuzelj (Slo).  Best Male Puppy,  BOB - HP.

 6/5/05 Suitkees Parel in Goud   Harley Jr. - Sweden.  Puppy Class.  at Moheda / Keeshond Specialty Show.  Judge: Helge Lie (N).  Best Male Puppy BOB - BIS. 

 6/3/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud   Harley Jr - Sweden.  Puppy Class.  at Exporama / Norway Judge: Kenneth Edh.  Best Male Puppy.  HP - BOB - BIG 3.

11/12/04. Suitkees Parel in Goud  Harley Jr - Sweden,  Puppy class.    at Stockholm / 2004 Winner Show.  Judge: Jeanie Montford. Best Male Puppy. HP - BOB - BIG 3.

 30/1/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud  is in Sweden and did his first show, and Harley Jr, (you guessed it, son of our Grand Champion) stood in his father's shoes, and won Best Puppy in Show over +/- 80 dogs.  Well done !!!

 20/11/04. Austr. Grand Ch. Suitkees Majesteit  "Harley" has done it !!!!!
Winning BOB today gave him a total of 1004 points.
A beautiful specimen with a fantastic caracter and  the sire of gorgeous pups, shows that he is well worthy of that title.
Our biggest Congratulations to Tony & Doreen Groves, nobody could have done a better job.



Presenting: Nederlands Kampioen Nld.Ch. Suitkees Bijzonder

And of

course also 

just like his father Austr.Ch.Stoer N Dapper.

My congratulations to de fam. Koning. 

 7/8-04.  Suitkees Bijzonder "Macho" becomes the Sire of a litter in Germany by "Von Haus Rubens", the dam Inay vom Alten Nierstall made her owners very happy with 3 boys and 1 girl. Mother and pups are doing very well.

19/6-04. "Bobby" son of Nld.Ch.Suitkees Onvervaard,
20 months of age and residing in Belgium, obtained his French title in Nantes - Franch, written as: CHAMPION DE FRANCE DE CONFORMITE AU STANDARD.
being the FIRST French Keeshond Champion.  Congratulations to Jacques & Denise Piette

6-6-04,   Suitkees Bijzonder "Macho" won CAC CACIB BOB over the Grey kezen at the Keeshondclubshow in Holland, the best Bitch was a daughter of Nld.Ch.Suitkees Onvervaard. Congratulations to Marita, Marga and Anton.

24/4-'04.   Presenting: Nederlands Kampioen Suitkees Onvervaard. The first Australian bred Dutch Champion big grey Keeshond. Our warmest Thank You to Marga and Anton Koning - Aviflorahof-Netherlands. 

 8/3-'04.  Australian bred   Suitkees Bijzonder.

In Holland, "Macho" was presented the 1st Febr. in Eindhoven and was awarded  CAC-CACIB  BOB + 6th in the honor-ring,   and the 7th March in Zuid-Laren and did again CAC-CACIB  BOB and this time 2nd in the honor-ring.The Suitkees family is very proud !!

 The Showring in Holland and Belgium.

 The offspring from Suitkees Onvervaard is doing extremely well overthere, 3 girls and 2 boys are regularly in the ring with high results.

 Bobby: at Troyes in France got CAC-CACIB BOB and at Gent in Belgium another CAC-CACIB BOB and he and his playmate Sarah were 3 times in the honor ring.

 And our Australian Suitkezen.

 If you think they are any different to the Suitkezen overseas, well..........think again, because "Harley" and "Keasha" with their daughter "Chloe" in tow, do extremely well in the showring too.

 26/5-03 Namur - Belgium.

"Bobby" son of Suitkees Onvervaard, grandson of CH.Suitkees Geweldig "Leo", exhibited his first show in Belgium, he of course came first out of 4 pups and got a honour placing as well.  Congratulations to Jacques and Denise

4/5-03, The Ringsite in Holland.

Blue Mistral van de Aviflorahof "Tiesto", son of Suitkees Onvervaard "Chief", for the second time in the ring and did offcourse BOBCAC,  the first time he did "Reserve Kampioen", RUBOB. Congratulations to Fred and Renee.

20/4-03 Our Kezen in Melbourne-Vic.  

Our Kezen in Victoria, Ch.Suitkees Majesteit "Harley" 

and Ch. Suitkees Well N Truly "Keasha", 

are doing extremely well in the ring. 

Week after week they gain more points . 

And now their daughter "Chloe", has taken a lead out 

of mum and dad's book. 

The Easterweekend got them really going. 

"Well done little one" Congratulations !!!


Easter Friday: only showed "Chloe" - Keezansur Regal N Style -1st, Challenge, Best of Breed (9 points), she beat. 1 dog and 2 bitches.


Easter Saturday: CH. Suitkees Majesteit "Harley"  - 1st, Challenge, Best of Breed (15 points)  Ch. Suitkees Well N Truly "Keasha" - 2nd and  "Chloe" - 1st and best Puppy in Group.



Easter Sunday: "Harley" - 1st, Challenge, Best of Breed (18 Points) "Keasha" - 1st, Challenge, R/Up BOB (11 points), and  "Chloe" - 1st & Best, Reserve Challenge

Saturday, 3/5-03,  Again Harley BOB 15 Pts, and Aus bred in Group,  Keasha RUBOB 10 pts,  and Chloe Puppy in Group.

Harley is now on 686 points  -  Keasha is now on 411 points  -   Chloe is now on 120 points (Only one win,Chloe !)                                                     Sunday 28th Sept. 2003 Chloe became a Champion (129 points) Congratulations !!

A big  Thank you to Tony and Doreen !

 25/3-03 At the Keeshondclub in Germany, 

the 24th March 2003, 40 Grey Kezen were entered, from Germany, Belgium and Holland.   Suitkees Onvervaard "Chief" got  "Reserve Kampioen", and in the Youthclasses  Suitkees Bijzonder  "Matcho" got 4 Excellents.

8/3/03  Offspring of "Chief" in the ring

Two beautifull sons of Suitkees Onvervaard "Chief"............   Blue Mistral van de Aviflorahof "Tiesto" and "Bobbie".

"Tiesto" resides in The Netherlands and "Bobbie" in Belgium.

We wish them all the luck.

 2/10/02   And "Chief" did it again,

Congratulations !!  Suitkees Onvervaard "Chief" has today won some more points required for his tittle.  And again what can I say else than Thank You, Marga.

30/10/02. Suitkees Onvervaard

"Chief" who resides in The Netherlands, has put his mark on the Keeshondworld overthere.

The 26/06-02  8 pups were born sired by Chief,

The 28/10-02  7 pups were born sired by Chief,

The 29/10-02  9 pups were born sired by Chief,

The 14/02-03  2 pups were born sired by Chief.


At the last Keeshondclub show in Holland 4 pups were shown

sired by Chief, and admired by the other exhibiters and 1 pup went home with 3 cups.




The Suitkees prefix has made his mark on a lot of pedigrees 

over in Holland, Scandinavie and all over Europe.




All I can hope for that all pups will grow up 

very healthy. Thank you Marga and Marina !




7/04/02, Back to the country of origine !  



From our last litter 2 pups have again gone to The Netherlands and well, "Suitkees Maxima" a female and "Suitkees Bijzonder" a male. We do so hope they do the same clever things as "Chief" has done, and we hope the new owners are just as pleased with them.






4/29/02. "Chief" and winning


Our boy in The Netherlands has done it again, he needs only 1 win to get his title of Dutch Champion. Helas he is to young to obtain the tittle, apparently those tittles are never given to a boy that young, and so he has to wait till he gets a little older.

But as I said before he is a clever boy !!  And....his owners are doing a fantastic job !!.

2/26/02Puppies Sires By "Chief"

Tuesday 26/2/02, "Chief" became the Sire of 8 pups, 4 boys and 4 girls. As the litters by Keeshonden in Holland are usually small, this is a big litter. But then he is a bright boy, isn't he?

12/18/01Well, well, this very clever boy!

"Chief" our boy in Holland, has done it again!  He got his first CAC-BOB ! And the judge started her report with:

"Young male, 9 months old, showing an excellent breedtype, with a typical and good temperament".

My reward goes out to Marga and Anton who do such a good job in showing him. To get this award at such an age shows a lot of promise.

11/29/01And another Clever Boy!














































Suitkees Sunny N Bright "Rory" born 23-8-01, thus 3 

months old.



His owner wrote me this note: " We have enrolled him in puppy preschool, he is the star of the class, the instructor says that he is one of the most intelligent dogs she has ever had going through her classes.



As his mother is a litter-sister to "Chief's" mother, they must also have clever mothers, hè? 


 11-29-01.   A Very Clever Boy !

 Suitkees Onvervaard, "Chief" who resides in The Netherlands, has earned his first Certificate, in Dutch called DIPLOMA, "THE GEHOORZAME HOND"

translated "The Obedience Dog", at the age of 8 months and this being his first test.

Congratulations to his proud owners at "De Aviflorahof".