Suitkees Keeshonden

Our Champions.....

         Our foundation Dam: Austr.Ch.Rymiska Kylie and Champion offspring;

 Austr.Ch. Suitkees Star den Burgh     Austr.Ch. Suitkees Rosabella
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Kylies Wonder      Austr.Ch. Suitkees Geertruida
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Beerenburgh         Austr.Ch. SuitkeesFondante
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Trudewytska         Austr.Ch. Suitkees Arjan
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Beau-Anna           Austr.Ch. Suitkees Shasa
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Kostbaarheid       Austr.Ch. Suitkees Gertrud
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Jo-Sha                  Austr.Ch. Suitkees Kaasboertje
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Geweldig              Austr.Ch. Suitkees Gefeliciteerd
Austr.Gr.Ch. Suitkees Majesteit       Austr.Ch. Suitkees Stoer N Dapper
Austr.Ch. Suitkees Pracht N Praal    Austr.Ch. Suitkees Hartenwens
Austr.Ch.Suitkees Well N Truly       Austr.Ch. Suitkees Style N Grace

               Nld.Ch Suitkees Onvervaard  & Nld.Ch Suitkees Bijzonder

In Sweden: SUCh NUCh DKUCh NORDUCh Suitkees Parel in Goud 

Please Note: Our 7 year old Grand Champion Suitkees Majesteit 

 We also had in our camp:

Austr. Ch. Vanderkee TenakaAustr.
Ch. Atetak Kate Lee (German Spitz Mittel or Middelslag Kees
With daughters:Austr.Ch. Suitkees Spitz Zierate          Austr.Ch. Spitz Kleinody
And here are the Photo's of our Champions since 1983, a few have past on, but they left a nice legacy, in the offspring they created.
 Austr.Ch.Suitkees Star den Burgh "Bear"

 First homebred and first born and the Foundation of all my offspring
 Out of the first litter of  Pedro (Photo above) and Dot (Photo below), a boy "Suitkees Bijzonder" and a girl "Suitkees Maxima" went to the "kennel van de Aviflorahof" in the Netherlands. Thus back to the country of origine.
 The "Kennel van de Aviflorahof" in The Netherlands imported in June 2001, Suitkees Onvervaard "Chief", now Nederlands Kampioen (Dutch Ch.) Suitkees Onvervaard.
a son of  Ch.Suitkees Geweldig "Leo" (see above) and Ch.Suitkees Pracht N Praal "Bella". He is a sought after stud now, and has produced already some fine Keeshonden there.
 We also bred a litter of German Spitz Mittel,
                on  the continent of Europe also called
                        Keeshond, and because of the size,
                        Middelslag Keeshond !!
             Eventhough on this photo
                   Kate had no coat, if she was in
                         coat, she was a stunner,
   she could be shown with or without coat,
            and because the way she showed herself.....
                   and her confirmation, nine times out of ten
                                        she'll win.