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 2/9/06. Androsch von Hause Rubens (De) , son of Nld.Ch.Suitkees Bijzonder (Nld) became Luxembourg Champion.

 Androsch is a multiple CAC-CIB winner in Europe, and we congratulate his owner, Angelika, with such good results.


 2/9/06.  Showing of couples in Luxembourg

 Androsch son of Nld.Ch. Suitkees bijzonder (Nld) and

Fayana daughter of Suitkees Parel in Goud (Sw)

both resides in the Wolfsspitz Golden Sams knls - Germany

won first out of 30 couples.


9th July 2006

Suitkees Parel in Goud (Harley Jr) won CAC/CACIB 


  18/3/2006.   A new Grand Champion !!

Austr. Grand Champion Keezansur Regal N Style
Sire: Austr.Grand Champion Suitkees Majesteit
Dam: Austr. Champion Suitkees Well N Truly
That weekend was very good for the offspring of Austr. Grand Champion Suitkees Majesteit, not only got his daughter out of his first litter the title Grand Champion, the two pups out off his second litter did some winning of their own
Suitkees Parel in Goud  (Harley Jr)  won in Sweden CAC-BOB
Suitkees Parel in Zilver (Maud) won in Holland CAC-CIB
19/3/2006. And to top it off, this message came in from Germany
Androsch von Haus Rubens ( a son from Suitkees Bijzonder ) won in 

Germany exellent 1 in the open class and VDH-AN and the Res. CAC-AN


 4/12-05.  Suitkees Parel in Zilver "Maud" surprised us with her latest wins.
Zutphen were she took a CAC and yesterday she won the Keeshond youth-class in Amsterdam.  Maud is handled by Twan, and boy, did he do a good job.
Well done !!!
 Maud - Amsterdam 3/12/2005 - 1 Excellent, Youthwinner-Title and qualified for theCrufts 2006 or 2007.
Maud - Zwolle 20/11/2005 - 1 Excellent, C.A.C.B.O.B. (Bitches CH)

Maud - Zutphen 9/2005 - 2 excellent





I am INT.CH.Bobby
BE, NL, LUX, DE, & FR Champion
 NHSB 2436228,
born 28-10-02, son of
Nld.Ch. Suitkees Onvervaard.
And received the official F.C.I. homologation for "International Champion".
He obtained CACIB in 5 countries "(BE, NL, Lux, FR & DE)", in different towns under different Judges.
And is therefore included in the "Auslese Gruppe des Vereins für Deutsche Spitze"

"We are all very proud,Bobby!!!"




And in Sweden...... 


 29/5/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr - Sweden. Junior Class. at Stenungsund SKK INT. Judge: Harry Tast. BEST JUNIOR MALE. CC - BEST MALE - CAC - BOB - 5 BIG.

21/5/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr. - Sweden. Junior Class. at Hässleholm SKK. Judge: Ulla Eriksson. BEST JUNIOR MALE. CC - BEST MALE - CAC - BOB.

7/5/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr. - Sweden. Puppy Class. at Skara SKK National Show Keeshond. Judge: Denis Kuzelj (Slo). Best Male Puppy, BOB - HP.

6/5/05 Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr. - Sweden. Puppy Class. at Moheda / Keeshond Specialty Show. Judge: Helge Lie (N). Best Male Puppy BOB - BIS.

6/3/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr - Sweden. Puppy Class. at Exporama / Norway Judge: Kenneth Edh. Best Male Puppy. HP - BOB - BIG 3.

30/1/05. Suitkees Parel in Goud is in Sweden and did his first show, and Harley Jr, (you guessed it, son of our Grand Champion) stood in his father's shoes, and won Best Puppy in Show over +/- 80 dogs. Well done !!!

11/12/04. Suitkees Parel in Goud Harley Jr - Sweden, Puppy class. at Stockholm / 2004 Winner Show. Judge: Jeanie Montford. Best Male Puppy. HP - BOB - BIG 3.



                 "Harley"  and "Elly"

 and their offspring